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About Us

WEREMCZUK is the worldwide producer of specialized machines for fruit and vegetables growing and harvesting.


Our company develops, manufactures, supplies, and services machinery to make the work involved less labor-intensive and more profitable. Agricultural machines from Weremczuk are durable, easy to maintain and use, and extremely reliable.

Strong values such as integrity, innovation, and superb commitment to customer service are at the root of Weremczuk’s business approach.

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Our History

Family Manufacture

Since 1981

Our journey began in 1981. Two engineers Danuta and Józef Weremczuk with passion for creating modern technologies for polish farmers founded their own company and started to make berry harvesters and called them JOANNA.

Over the years, the company was growing and increasing the number and models of produced machines.
During this time we worked out and adapted many new machines for fruit and vegetable growers. We tried to do it the best we can. That’s why trusted thousands of customers from all over the world and our machines won also many prizes at the agricultural exhibitions.

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