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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I order the machine?
    You can order the machine personally by phone, fax or e-mail.
  • Is it possible to ship machine to my country?
    Yes, it's possible. We can help You to organize a shipment.
  • Do You have any dealers in my country?
    All list of our dealer You can find on our main website:
  • Can I see machine at work?
    Yes, on our YouTube channel, You can find all machine at work.
  • Do You guarantee customer service and technical support?
    Yes, of course. Our service team are people with passion, commitment and a highly qualified. They guarantee the best possible customer service and technical support.
  • Is it possible to buy spare parts for machines?
    Yes, we provide spare parts for machines during the whole period of operation.
  • Do You produce only machines for aronia harvest?
    No, we produce and offer whole lines of specialized machines for fruit and vegetables growing and harvesting.
  • What is recommended distance between rows?
    For picking up berries with WEREMCZUK's machines we recommend rows spacing from 3,5m (11ft 5in).
  • What is recommended distance between bushes in a row?
    It depends on the type of bushes. For Aronia berries, we recommend a distance between bushes of about 0,5m (1ft 6in).
  • What is the minimum high of bushes?
    For effective picking, we recommend a mechanical harvest of bushes from 35 centimeters and above. It's also possible to harvest smaller berry bushes but it can cause damage to plans.
  • What is the maximum height of bushes?
    For harvesting bushes with WEREMCZUK's machines, the maximum height of bushes can reach even 3 m (10 ft) - for the JOANNA-5 PREMIUM harvester.
  • What is recommended turning area?
    It depends on the harvester's model. For standard versions of JOANNA harvesters, we recommend about 8m (26ft) space for turning.
  • What if the parameters of my plantation are different?
    If the parameters of Your plantation are different, please contact us. We will help You to choose a suitable solution.
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